Backlink Beast Review And Tutorial – Plus My Badass Bonuses

by Dave Bowen on September 6, 2013

Backlink Beast Review Backlink Beast Review And Tutorial   Plus My Badass Bonuses So you’re looking for some more information on Backlink Beast?

You’re looking for an honest Backlink Beast Review and possibly a Backlink Beast Tutorial?

More than likely you may have stumbled across my YouTube video which at the moment is ranking #2 for “Backlink Beast Review“.

Well you’re definitely at the right place because today I’m gonna give it ALL to you!

I’m not only going to give you an honest Backlink Beast Review but I’m gonna spill some of my deepest darkest secrets that have allowed me to basically take over YouTube.

I literally cracked a code that allows me to rank just about anything I want on YouTube in days EVEN within hours, and EVEN without backlinks, haha I know you must be chuckling right now saying to yourself…

“This guy’s freakin’ crazy sayin’ he can rank without backlinks!”

…and I understand because I chuckled too when I saw it, but its true and I’ll prove it to you inside this secret revealing Backlink Beast Review.

This is the same information that allowed me to come out of complete LEFT FIELD and rank my Backlink Beast Review video #2 in YouTube in TWO WEEKS, passing up guys who have been in the Internet Marketing & SEO game wayyy longer than I have because I have only been in for about 8 months and only been doing SEO for about 2 of those.

So keep that in mind guys when I am showing you some of my rankings because I started in the Internet Marketing Industry Jan, 3rd 2013….

…and that is a day I will NEVER forget and is one of those days that I can remember EVERYTHING about.

That is the day that changed my life forever…

But anyways I may tell you more about that later in this post…

Be sure and look out for my AMAZING bonuses I am offering for purchasing Backlink Beast through my link!

but let’s get started with this Backlink Beast review shall we?

Backlink Beast Review – Is Backlink Beast All Its Cracked Up To Be – Lets Find Out

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BBeast Backlink Beast Review And Tutorial   Plus My Badass Bonuses

So as you saw in that Backlink Beast Review video, Backlink Beast is a link builders dream because it allows you to get a HUGE diversity of links…

…It really is the ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to SEO because of that fact that you can get such a huge diversity of links which is absolutely KEY in the “Post Panda/Penguin” world…

Not only can you get a huge diversity of links, but you can get links from HIGH PR websites that not many other link builders are using…

…these are exclusive to Backlink Beast ONLY.

There are a few PR 8, quite a few 7′s, and all the way down the line.

It really has probably one of the best lists of High PR, low spammed websites, out of any SEO tool out there, and of course they are constantly updating it as well.

Another cool feature Backlink Beast has is the ability to set up tiered link building campaigns in no time flat.

Literally at the click of a mouse you are building Tier 1, Tier 2, and even Tier 3 links, ALL FULLY automated.

Now probably my favorite thing about Backlink Beast is the price…

…other tools like SEnuke Xcr for example, are $147 a MONTH!

With Backlink Beast you have the option to test it out for a MERE $7 for 7 days, and then $67 a month there after, OR heres the best part, $397 FOR LIFE!

Which means you don’t have to pay another penny EVER AGAIN!

With that option you would only have to use it for 6 months before you would be in the green…

In my opinion, no matter how many SEO tools you already have, Backlink Beast is a MUST HAVE tool for everyone looking to do SEO.

I personally use Backlink Beast to just get links from high PR websites (which I am going to give you some of my promotion process below).

Bonus – Exclusive Backlink Beast Tutorial Revealing Some Of My Deepest Secrets – Backlink Beast Review


 Bear With Me Until I Complete The Tutorial As I Am Putting A LOT Of Time And Effort Into Making This One Of The Best Backlink Beast Tutorials There Is!


Ok so here is SOME of my promotion process I was talking about (if you want the full thing purchase Backlink Beast through my link and send an email to with a proof of purchase and I will send you all of the other bonuses listed below)

I share every blog post, video, or PDF documents to all of my social media accounts. I use Spin Rewriter to spin all my articles. Also submit links to Link Pipeline

  1. Submit To Pingler
  2. Submit To Social Adr: I set my link to get 200 submissions and then it notifies me when done and I resubmit for drip submissions which gets me a few Social Media links once a week. SocialAdr is onePOWERFUL SEO tool! Social media engagement is one of THEE most important things Google uses when determining who ranks where. The more Social Media engagement you have the higher you will rank. I LITERALLY have ranked with JUST this tool!
  3. Submit To SEO Link Vine: SEO Link Vine is another POWERFUL tool. This one gets you thousands of one way high PR links.

Wait Two Weeks and if we are still not ranking:

  1. Submit To Social Monkee: If you upgrade to their Premium package (which I think is like $47 for the year) you can submit 3 URLs to 100 sites. So I submit my URL to 100 sites over 14 days. This is an EXTREMELY cheap POWERFUL tool! It’s ONLY $7 FOR LIFE! They do have upgrades but even those aren’t very expensive.
  2. Submit To Backlink Beast or Magic Submitter (or Both depending on your target keyword): Both of these tools are the “Holy Grail” when it comes to SEO because they give you a HUGE diversity of links from a good range of high and low PR sites.

Wait Another Two Weeks and if still not ranking where we want (#1 on Google) do this:

  1. Submit To Spin Distribute: Spin Distribute is from the same guys that created Spin Rewriter and they allow you to submit your article to over 800+ article directories.
  2. Submit To Unique Article Wizard: This is an EXTREMELY powerful tool that gets you some really high PR links

If were still not ranking where we want then just forget it because theres not much more you can do.

My EXCLUSIVE Powerful Bonuses For Buying Backlink Beast Now – Backlink Beast Review

Ok so as I said at the beginning of this Backlink Beast Review I have some extremely powerful bonuses to offer you for Clicking this link and buying Backlink Beast now.

You may realize as you read this words off the screen now that you feel this sensation coming over you telling you:

“This is exactly what you have been looking for to get you those #1 rankings which will explode your bank account!”

And what you are feeling is correct…

…this tool will help you achieve #1 rankings which we all know what happens when you hit the #1 spot in the search engines for the right keyword promoting the right product…

Don’t we?

Ya thats right BIG PAYDAY, ALL on complete autopilot.

Well that is exactly what Backlink Beast paired up with my bonuses can do for you!

Ok so here are my unbelievable bonuses I am offering:

  • My Ultimate SEO Leverage training tutorial which is currently a 2 video 1 hr and 30 min course that reveals my WHOLE ‘Secret YouTube Code’ I cracked that allows me to rank just about anything I want on demand in days, EVEN in weeks. (I will be adding more to this)
  • My WHOLE secret SEO promotion process
  • A One-on-One coaching call with me where you can ask me ANYTHING you want and I will reveal it to you
  • I will reveal to you my ‘Secret Weapon’ link building tool that when paired with Backlink Beast will literally have you ranking everything and anything you want (NO ONE knows about this tool and let me tell you it is SO POWERFUL and this is one I might regret offering to you bc of that fact)

So there you have it guys some freakin’ unbelievable bonuses to help SKYROCKET your rankings, because I TRULY do want to help you and I want to see you experience success in SEO and online.

If you have any questions at all feel free to fill out this contact form:


Helping you tap into your power and be ALL who you can be,

meandsharpewquote Backlink Beast Review And Tutorial   Plus My Badass Bonuses

-Dave Bowen

“The Last Honest Marketer”

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 Backlink Beast Review And Tutorial   Plus My Badass Bonuses
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