How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In Life

by Dave Bowen on May 24, 2013



live webinar headline 2 300x112 How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In LifeOk so today I want to talk about how to tap into your inner power and achieve whatever you want in life,  because see learning marketing strategies is only one piece of the puzzle to making money online. The most important thing in marketing is mindset and that is what we are going to talk about today.

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This blog post was inspired by a couple people…

  1. Esther Hicks
  2. Napoleon Hill

See you are more powerful than you know that you are because we are all created equal some work hard than others…

Or like Emmitt Smith Said:

All men are created equal, some work harder in pre-season.”

And just like Napoleon Hill and Esther Hicks believe we are powerful people and we have a great power inside of us that can create the life that you want but so many of us do not tap into that.

Just like we use only 10% of our brain…

…and our brain is powerful enough, when you learn how to use it, to create whatever we circumstances we want created in life.

The Teachings Of Abraham Through Esther Hicks – Law Of Attraction

For your information there is 5 short 8 minute videos and I recommend watching all of them.

I love what Esther Hicks talks about here that we are nothing but energy and our inner beings are nothing but source energy and that our inner beings existed before we were born and that they will exist when we die…

Now Esther Hicks is not channeling here or anything like that she is only getting in contact with her inner self whom she chooses to call Abraham and her inner self talks to us through Esther…

The reason I bring that up is because I completely agree with Esther that we are more than just our human bodies and that we are powerful if we would just tap into our inner selfs and our inner power.



beyond the secret1 How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In Life

Now the next video is actually an audio of Napoleon Hill’s that I urge you to get (or you can just listen to it on YouTube but I recommend listening to it in your car daily), you can get it on iTunes. Just search “Napoleon Hill In His Own Voice Rare Recordings”

This audio has changed my life and I listen to it daily, which I recommend you do the same:

Napoleon Hill In His Own Voice Rare Recordings: Part 1

There is tons of stuff in this that I would like to go talk about but the main thing I want to focus on was what Napoleon Hill was talking about at 14:40 when he brings up his business associate W. Clement Stone…

Napoleon Hill talks about how Mr Stone knows the power of his mind and rely’s on the power of his mind to achieve whatever he wants and doesn’t have a worry in the world and that he knows that he can use his mind to create whatever circumstances he wants to create in life.

NapoleonHill How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In Life

Now the key thing that Napoleon talks about at this point and earlier in this audio is that self confidence is the KEY to using the power of your mind to create what you want…

Why Self Confidence Is The Key To Getting What You Want Out Of Life

Self confidence is really the key to the Law Of Attraction and everything you want in life…

See in the teachings of The Law Of Attraction they call this belief which is part of the receiving stage of The Law Of Attraction…

But self confidence and belief are really the same thing.

If you don’t have the confidence to believe that you can achieve your major definite purpose in life then you won’t take the right action to achieve it…

So make sure that you are spending at least 30 minutes a day working on your self confidence.

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill has a chapter on this with a self confidence formula that will help you to build up your self confidence. I recommend you get that book and read that daily just like I do.

Tapping Into Infinite Intelligence To Give You The Knowledge To Achieve Your Definite Purpose

Napoleon Hill also talks about kind of what Esther Hicks was talking about in the above videos, which is tapping into infinite intelligence to give you the knowledge you need to achieve your major definite purpose in life…

See I agree with Napoleon Hill in that the universe is nothing but knowledge and that there is a God or “Infinite Intelligence” that knows everything that has “Infinite Intelligence” and that we can tap into that and use it to achieve what we want in life…

Which is why I try to meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes every morning and night.

Because I believe that meditation gets me closer to that “Infinite Intelligence” and that I get a “hunch” or bits of intelligence given to me each time I meditate.

How To Implement This Knowledge In Your Business

So now that you have learned the greatest key to achieving and creating anything that you want in life what are you going to do with it?


Just sit around?

Or are you going to take action?

Well of course I would recommend taking massive action…

And first step of action I would recommend is joining my team in the Empower Network so that you have tons of success minded people to surround yourself with so that you don’t just forget what you learned here today…

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See most of the stuff I have learned which I talked about here today was from the Empower Network…

Because see Empower Network has whats called their 8 core steps that you have to implement daily to be successful, which I will talk about 6 of them that are very important:

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Market Daily
  3. Read Daily
  4. Listen To Audio Daily
  5. Events
  6. Empower Hour

So you see the reading daily and listening to audio daily, which Empower Network has their own audio product called the Inner Circle which is just amazing, has absolutely changed my life…

I have learned so much and I have read and listened to audios more since I have joined the Empower Network (which has been 4 months) than probably my whole life combined…

So CLICK HERE now and join my team or click the image below:

EMPOWERBUY How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In Life


 How To Tap Into Your Inner Power And Achieve Whatever You Want In Life
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